W4 Hybrid Humidifier

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W4 Hybrid Humidifier

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An exquisite addition to the Objecto collection, the W4 takes our classic look up a notch. The elongated figure and subtle change in curvature ensure that the same even mist provides your space with the best air. A matching remote control allows easy access from any location. The removable water tank is antibacterial and ceases to operate when emptied or tilted. Additional features include aroma therapy option and timer mode.

Product Features
• Modern appearance to enhance every room’s décor
• Cool mist
• Whisper quiet operation
• Removable water tank, easy to fill
• Different colors to indicate mist output settings
• Automatic shut off protection for empty tanks
• Simple-to-use aroma trays
• Additional replacement aroma tabs included
• No filters required
• Available in Light Grain and Dark Grain

Product Specifications
• Dimensions: 8 x 8 x 14.4 inches
• Weight: 2.4 pounds
• Tank capacity 2.3 liters
• Runs for approximately 20 hours
• Humidifies 450 square feet
• Accessories include remote control and aroma tabs