W7 Ultrasonic Humidifidier

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W7 Ultrasonic Humidifidier

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W7, the cool mist humidifier, stands at two feet tall and offers long standing technology a fresh, new look. This floor model transforms any space with a steady mist and optional aroma therapy feature. The antibacterial water tank is easily removable and when emptied will shut automatically. 

Product Specifications
• Dimensions: 6 x 6 x 30 inches
• Weight: 4 pounds
• Tank capacity 2.4 liters
• Runs for approximately 22 hours
• Humidifies 650 square feet
• Aroma tabs included
• Available in Light Grain and Dark Grain

Product Features
• Modern appearance to enhance every room’s décor
• Cool mist
• Whisper quiet operation
• Removable water tank , easy to fill
• Different colors to indicate mist output settings
• Automatic shut off protection for empty tanks
• Simple-to-use aroma trays
• Additional replacement aroma tabs included
• No filters required
• One year warranty and owner manuals included