A2 Aroma Diffuser

A2 Aroma Diffuser

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Create a fresh indoor space with the Objecto A2 Aroma Diffuser. Designed to release an alluring fragrance, it's perfect for offices, homes, and more. Simply add a few drops of your favorite essential oil, and this unit will release a fine fragrant mist. 

Upgrade Your Space

To create a gentle, soothing scent, just fill the water tank and add two or three drops of your favorite essential oil directly to the water. Turn it on and let the Objecto Essential Oil Diffuser start enhancing your space. This unit can run continuously or intermittently.

Fits Any Home Décor

Not just functional but stylish too, the compact Objecto A2 Diffuser takes up little space and is available in three finishes to make it easy to find the one that best complements your space. 

    Additional Features

    • Built-In Night Light: This handy feature can be used with or without diffusing.
    • Multiple Mist Output Settings: Choose from continuous operation or intermittent diffusing that releases mist every 10 seconds.
    • Easy to Operate: All of the unit's features are controlled with simple to use touch-button controls.
    • Included Measuring Cup: Makes it easy to fill the water tank.


    IDEAL FOR: Single Room HUMIDIFICATION STYLE: Aroma Diffuser MIST OUTPUT CONTROL: Yes FILL TYPE: Direct Pour CONTROLS: Manual HEIGHT: 5.7 in.WIDTH: 4.5 in.DEPTH: 4.5 in. WEIGHT: 0.5 lbs. COLOR: White, Brown, Wood MAXIMUM WATTAGE: 10.5 WVOLTAGE: 110-120 V