F3 Flow Fan
F3 Flow Fan
F3 Flow Fan
F3 Flow Fan
F3 Flow Fan

F3 Flow Fan

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The Objecto FLOW F3 delivers a silent and continuous airflow with blades uniquely shaped for this purpose. This pedestal fan is offered in two stylish colors—Rose Gold or Silver—and offers tailored cooling with oscillation from 10-inch curved blades. Enjoy aromatic scents with the aromatherapy oil disk and the included remote control. 

Program the four-hour timer, adjust the variable fan speed, and enjoy quiet operation with the DC motor.

Quick Adjustable Height

In a matter of seconds, adjust the height of the fan between 29 – 36-inches. An integrated pop out telescopic button allows you to set the height between three height levels.

Impressive Features

Instantly create a smooth breeze throughout the space. The F3 floor fan articulates for better airflow with seven blades and impressive fan features.

  • Horizontal Oscillation: Set the automatic horizontal oscillation between three angles: 30-, 60-, and 90-degrees for cool, sweeping airflow.
  • Curved Fan Blades: Ten-inch curved fan blades help move air further and smoother.
  • Adjustable Fan Head: Adjust the fan head vertically forwards 10-degrees or backwards 90-degrees.
  • Aromatherapy Insert: Place two or three drops of your favorite essential oil into the aroma oil circle disk (located in the middle of the front grille) for a dispersal of fragrance.

Remarkably Simple Control Panel

The clear front, top-down control panel pinpoints the current fan settings. Switch fan modes with the control panel or remote control.

  • Power: Switch the fan on and off using the control panel or included remote control.
  • Remote Control: Control the fan with the magnetic remote control that also magnetically attaches to the base of the pole.
  • Variable Fan Speed: This fan boasts 25 fan speeds to ensure your breeze is cool and even.
  • Timer: Program the on and off time up to four-hours in advance for automatic operation.
  • Natural + Sleep Wind Mode: Set the airflow mode to a natural or sleep mode at night for rest.